Ryanair has temporarily suspended​ all Flights​ from Bosnia

Ryanair has temporarily suspended all its flights from airports in the former Yugoslavia, and since it has canceled many before, the last remaining flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro have now been canceled.

Due to the pandemic, this favorable airline already had a reduced timetable for the region, and it operated flights only from the airports from Banja Luka and Podgorica.

Now flights have been suspended from Gothenburg to Banja Luka, as well as from London Stansted and Charleroi to the Montenegrin capital.

Ryanair has yet to announce when it will resume its usual routes in the region, but it is expected that the return could be the beginning of the summer season in 2021, writes EX-YU Aviation News.

Despite the current suspension of a number of routes, Ryanair still plans to launch new flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia in the future.

The airline intends to open flights from Vienna to Banja Luka and Pula on March 29, followed by flights from Naples to Zadar.

The company states that they expect that the upcoming vaccination will contribute to easing measures and increasing the workload of airlines.

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