Russian Inspectors visited several Food Producers in BiH

fitosanitarna_inspekcija8Phyto-sanitary Inspection of the Russian Federation executed an inspection of chosen facilities for production of food of animal origin in BiH.

For the past two weeks, the inspectors from Russia were analyzing whether animal origin products from BIH deserve their place on the Russian market. They controlled every detail of production in 14 meat and dairy industries in BiH. They controlled everything; from production plants, laboratory, to record keeping. Those visited by the inspectors claim that the criteria are pretty strict and standards quite high.

“The Russian team was comprised of four veterinary inspectors who checked everything in our factory to the smallest detail. They showed the greatest interest in the production process, selection of raw materials, the process of making final products out of raw materials, storing of products and distribution. They also focused on our paperwork, which they examined very carefully,” stated Samir Brodović, Director of Argeta Ltd. Sarajevo.

“The Russians want to see the system and see that everything works well in that chain of command,” said the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Šarović. He expects the report to be positive.

Vast Russian market with 140 million residents is very important for BiH producers and their subcontractors. Export to Russia increased by 60 percent in the first six months of the year, before the restrictive measure of exporting to Russia due to suspicions about the origin of the goods was imposed. Inspection procedures are in progress. “Now they will make records and harmonize them on national level. They announced it might take four or five months to complete,” said Vahid Skrobo, Director of Poljorad Travnik.

Russia is expected to provide final confirmation and approval for the export of fruit and vegetables from BIH to this market and protocol on cooperation will define protocols of exchange in more detail. “Issue of the export of fruit and vegetables can finally be considered solved,” Šarović emphasized.


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