RTV Tax to be charged with the Electricity Bill of Elektroprivreda BiH since August?

Representatives of PE Elektroprivreda BiH and Public Services (BHRT and RTV FBiH) signed a business agreement on the collection of RTV tax through electricity bills, which will be implemented on the electricity bills for August 2017.

The identical Business Agreement will be offered to other domestic electricity supply companies and a positive response is expected.

With implementation of such a system of charging RTV taxes in cooperation with companies that are dealing with electricity supply in BiH, the public services in BiH will be able to respond to the technical-technological and program requirements of all citizens of BiH and the public broadcasting system, for the first time since its existence, would be set on a business basis with an independent source of funding, as it is the case in all well-organized democratic countries of the world.

“Public services will timely inform citizens about the details of charging the RTV tax through the electricity bill, and they stated that the obligation to pay the RTV fee is in force until the official start of the application of this billing model.

From BHRT stated that PE Elektroprivreda BiH showed an exceptionally high level of social responsibility with its willingness to get engaged in this model and created crucial presumption to get a stable partner for the development of their future business activities in the business-empowered Public Services of BiH and domestic companies, including the EP BiH.

(Source: I. C./Klix.ba)


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