RS will aim to enter the International Financial Market on its own

January 6, 2018 11:00 AM

Minister of Finance of the RS Zoran Tegeltija stated that this BH entity will attempt to enter the international financial market in order to take a loan.

They will try to do in the first half of this year, and they are aware that this will not be easy at all, but Minister Tegeltija claims that it would represent a large success for the RS if they succeed in this task.

“We tried, together with the World Bank and other BH institutions, to enter the international market for several years now, but we did not have any support. BiH is the only country that is not on the international market yet,” added Tegeltija.

“It is certain that the business banks will be part of this process,” noted Tegeltija, and added that the long-term borrowing of the RS in the year of 2018 will amount to a total of 477 million BAM.

“The IMF is not crucial for our funding, but it is rather a partner in numerous policies that we are implementing,” said Minister of Finance of the RS.

He announced that the Government will adopt an action plan with 155 measures very soon, which will unite all obligations from the Program of Economic Reforms and documents signed with social partners.





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