RS Prime Minister announced the Increase of Salaries to Workers

Salaries to all workers in the real and the public sector will be increased, as announced by the Prime Minister of the RS, Zeljka Cvijanovic.

“Our main commitment is to increase the amount of the non-taxable part of the income,” noted Cvijanovic, and added that the taxable part of the salary, which amounts to 200 BAM now, will be increased to 500 BAM.

That part of the RS, in the amount of 300 BAM, will go to the worker and not the employer now, said Cvijanovic.

Thus, the salary would be increased by about 0.75 %, while the lowest salaries, for example, in the amount of 400 BAM, would amount to about 450 BAM, which is an increase of about 12.5 %, while the increase for salaries of 500 BAM would be 9 %.

“The main goal is to protect those who have the lowest salaries and which should amount to 500 BAM,” noted Cvijanovic, and added that this will reduce the gap between salaries in the real and the public sector.

She repeated that pensions for the month of June in the RS, which will be paid in July, will be increased by 2.5 %, and the Government will make a formal decision on it in two days.

This was stated after the meeting with the Minister of Finance Zoran Tegeltija and Minister Milenko Savanovic.

The President of the RS, Milorad Dodik, who attended the meeting as well, expressed his belief that the average salary in the RS will be increased to 450 EUR.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)






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