Roundtable: Role of religion in the contemporary multi‐ethnic state – Normative and practical implications of secular state

sarajevoA roundtable discussion organized by the European Liberal Forum asbl (ELF) in cooperation with the Friedrich‐Naumann_Stiftung  für die Freihet and co‐funded by the European Parliament.

The discussion will be held in Sarajevo, on 18th October  2014 from 10:00 until 13:00 o’clock.


Secularism is in European terms generally understood as a separation of state and organized religion. The issue of secularism and in general the relation between        state         and   religious organizations has  become especially problematic issue for the states of former Yugoslavia but it also poses serious threat to the increasing ethnic complexity in Europe. Can secularism as       a norm help overcome this problem both in Europe and abroad?

Welcome   by Adnan   Huskić, Project   Coordinator, FNF   Bosnia and         Herzegovina

Keynote speech

Giulio Ercolessi, Member,    LibMov Movimento Liberale, Member of the Board       of Directors, European Liberal Forum Mark van de Velde, Telders Foundation, Netherlands

Emir  Kovačević, Interreligious      Council      of      Bosnia        and Herzegovina

Dino Abazović, Professor, Faculty of  Political     Sciences, University of  Sarajevo

Aleksandar Trifunović, Editon‐in‐Chief, 6yka portal

Zoran Ivančić, Head, Public Interest Advocacy Center

Moderated by Adnan Huskić, Project   Coordinator, FNF Bosnia and Herzegovina

Venue: Hotel EUROPE, Conference Room  MEZZANINE, Vladislava Skarića 5,         Sarajevo    71000



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