Roundtable “Isa-Beg Ishakovic and his Time” in Gazi Husrevbey’s Library

Isa Beg IshakovicRoundtable on the topic “Isa-Beg Ishakovic and his time” will be organized by the Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Isa-Beg Ishakovic on Friday, the 3rd of March, in Gazi-Husrev bey’s Library starting at 6.15 PM. In order to encourage discussion of the character and work of Isa-Beg Ishakovic and key topics from a historical, political, economic and social context of the founding of the city of Sarajevo, on this topic will talk Prof. Dr. Enes Pelidija, Prof. Dr. Vesna Museta – Asceric, Ph.D. Behija Zlatar, Prof. Dr. Ismet Busatlic and Dr. Senaid ef. Zaimovic, while the moderator will be Dr. Sedad Beslija.

While announcing the roundtable, president of the Board of the Association of Isa-Beg Ishakovic, Elvis Pivic, stated that the founder of the city of Sarajevo deserves much more attention in BH public and this is the first time that there is a civil initiative for the organization of events dedicated to him. “Roundtable on Isa-Beg Ishakovic is a great opportunity to talk about topics that are not dominant in our society and current period of time. We are the society that excommunicated the key historical events and personalities from the public and media space, and this roundtable is an excellent opportunity for BH public to get to know our historical heritage through professional presentations of eminent academics,” said Pivic, adding that the roundtable will be held on the symbolic date of certification of Vakufnama of Isa-Beg, the “birth certificate” of Sarajevo.

Stating that in more than a thousand years long recorded history of BiH, Isa-Beg Ishakovic is one of the most important personalities, Dr. Sedad Beslija expressed the hope that the roundtable will change the image of citizens of their own city and educate them in the right way. “Isa-Beg Ishakovic should be an inspiration to all those who want to be statesmen, politicians, businessmen, builders and humanitarians. All those who work in these fields in Sarajevo, should have something distinctive in their work, which binds them with Beg and the way in which he looked into the future, built, gave, led,” said Dr. Beslija and urged the public to come to the round table and actively engage in the discussion.

Association emphasizes that they are currently working on a revitalization of the project of waqf of Isa Ishakovic, about which the public will be informed soon, and the entrance to the round table for all interested visitors is free of charge.

The Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Isa-Beg Ishakovic was founded on the 4th of May 2016, with the primary mission of revitalizing the person and work of the founder of Sarajevo, Isa-Beg Ishakovic. Besides developing a sense of love for BiH and the protection of its traditional spiritual and cultural being, the main objectives of the association are to empower achievements and support of the protection of cultural heritage of BiH and promotion of natural, cultural and historical heritage of Isa-Beg Ishakovic and BiH.


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