Rostovo, the Schwarzwald of the Balkans in the heart of Bosnia

rostBosnian hills, mountains and serene valley, just like most places of the Balkans have their own secrets. Far from elite magazines and articles of famous media they’ve remained hidden.

One such hidden place is Rostovo, between Bugojno and Novi Travnik, in the heart of BiH.

This fairy-tale corner of BiH offers visitors green hills and small picturesque houses and it is an ideal place for rest and leasure.

Neat fields, numerous creeks, can make you think that you’re in Switzerland, in Schwartzwald or somewhere in northern Germany.

However, everyone agrees that it is an oasis of serenity in the heart of Bosnia.

Rostovo is also well-known for its high-quality air and wild nature and people often call it air spa, and there a small ethno-village is located and people can sense the spirit of past times.

In wintertime it is an amazing place for skiers and those who like winter sports but during summertime, tourists can enjoy tennis courts, cycling, trekking and similar activities.

The peaceful Rostovo proves that  not everything is ruined in this modern world and that there places untainted with modern lifestyle.

(Anadolu Agency)

(photo: facebook)

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