Roof Construction of Isa-Beg Hamam

POSTAVLJA SE KROVNA KONSTRUKCIJA NA ISA-BEGOV HAMAMThe construction works of Isa-Beg hamam, the oldest Turkish bathroom in Sarajevo, is being implemented at the anticipated pace. The roof construction, as well as outdoor and indoor construction that can be run at lower temperatures are ongoing, confirmed the director of Vakuf Directorate in Sarajevo Senaid Zajimović for Fena.

The contractor is the Turkish company “Erbu”, while the reconstruction of this national monument in B&H is realized with the support of the Vakuf Directorate in Sarajevo. Representatives of Vakuf Directorate of Turkey, who are financing the reconstruction of the hamam came to B&H to visit this facility and the Vakuf Directorate in Sarajevo.

“This directorate is satisfied with the speed and the way that construction works are being done, which by an assessment should be finished by the end of August or beginning of September 2014”, said Zajimović.

According to the reconstruction project, a part of the hamam should remain as part of the facility, but the left and right part of it should became a hotel.

This facility is 817 square meters, and the original facade, designed by Josip Vancaš will remain the same. The hotel will have a capacity of 19 rooms and 2 apartments. All the furniture will be old style and of high standards.

The Vakuf Directorate for this project has allocated 2 million and 600.000 BAM.

(Source: Fena)

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