Rome and Sarajevo to become Brother Cities

Sarajevo and Rome are becoming brother cities. The project was approved by the European Union and it also includes funding of joint projects with which these cities have applied to European funds.

One of these projects is also a concert hall in the center of Marijin Dvor, which, according to the project, will have two halls for listening to music (the main hall with 1,500 seats for symphony concerts and a 500-seat halls for chamber music, contemporary and popular music) auxiliary facilities, and accompanying facilities are planned as well. The complex has a capacity of 2,300 visitors, 2,000 listeners, 200 musicians and a minimum of 100 highly qualified staff with support services, which would get a job in that center. The hall will have the most modern sound and acoustics. Music park will be placed above the hall. The purpose of the concert hall will be an affirmation of young people and talents as well as artistic creation, and the conditions for the arrival of the world’s greatest artists would be met as well.

Together with the Government of the CS and the City of Rome, the initiator of the initiative for the main design of the hall is Ibrahim Spahic, the director of the International Center for Peace.

The news about Sarajevo and Rome becoming brother cities came before the play “Discrimination, the story of re-birth” of the award-winning ballet troupe Motus Danza from Siena, which will take place in the City Hall.

(Source: klix.ba)

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