What did Robert De Niro do in Sarajevo as a Tourist?

Robert De NiroRobert De Niro was a true tourist in Sarajevo. He decided to use his visit to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and tour the city.

The famous actor took a walk in the heart of Sarajevo, the Baščaršija, and visited the Bey’s Mosque.

He entered three craft workshops and bought several souvenirs and handicrafts, while the gathered people greeted him and applauded him.

When he was leaving the National Theatre, De Niro was welcomed by fans who used the opportunity to take a photo with their favorite actor.

Robert De Niro was presented the special award Honorary Heart of Sarajevo for lifetime achievement. His film “Taxi Driver” was screened on two locations at the same time, in the National Theatre and in the Summer Cinema. The film marks the 40th year of its existence this year.

The famous actor also visited important historical locations related to the siege of Sarajevo, the Jewish Cemetery, Zlatište and the Tunnel of Hope.

(Source: klix.ba)

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