“Roads of FB&H“ to invest 40 Million EUR in the Construction and Modernization of Roads in USC

roads of FBHPE “Roads of FB&H“ will invest 40 million EUR in the construction and modernization of roads in the Una Sana Canton, and that project was presented yesterday in Bosanski Petrovac by the director of this enterprise, Filip Vujeva, to mayor of municipalities Bosanski Petrovac, Zlatko Hujic, municipality Kljuc, Nedzad Zukanovic and mayor of the municipality Drvar, Stevica Lukac.

At yesterday’s meeting in the cabinet of the Mayor of the Municipality Bosanski Petrovac, Program of investing for the period of 2015-2019, was presented, PU “Roads of FB&H“ will build the third lane on the third most significant bends that connect the municipality Bosanski Petrovac with neighboring municipalities Drvar and Kljuc, and the city of Bihac, will be funded from funds of the European investment bank, the World Bank and EBRD.

Mayors of the municipalities Bosanski Petrovac, Kljuc and Drvar gave the full support to the Program of the PE “Roads of FB&H“, and promised that they will conduct urgent measures in local administrations on creating conditions for solving legal issues on the part of the road where works will be conducted, and Omer Hodzic, chief of the service for cadastre and legal issues in the municipality Bosanski Petrovac, will be named for the coordinator of activities in these three local administrations.


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