Rich Program for End of “Summer on Vrbas” Event-Banja Luka Received Three Free WIFI Zones

Banja-LukaWith various sports programs and rich cultural programs and the promotion of three free Internet zones “Elta-Kabel” around the location of the city bridge below the hall “Obilićevo” in Banja Luka, on Sunday 21 July the 60th jubilee manifestation “Summer on the Vrbas” will be completed. It is organized by the Tourist Organization of the city of Banja Luka. All events begin at 12:00.

“The city of Banja Luka, a popular tourist destination, has one of the most free WIFI zones in BiH. As part of the final event, three free WIFI zones will be promoted. “Elta-Kabel”, together with the Tourist Organization of Banja Luka, is realizing the summer action called “Enjoy the summer and free Internet’’, said in a statement of the Tourist Organization of Banja Luka.

At 13:00 on the beach under the hall “Obilićevo” the promotion of the action ‘Enjoy the summer and free Internet” will be held.

The Director of TOBL Ostoja Barašin, Marketing Manager Mladen Srdić, IT Manager Marinko Tarlać and Moderator Verica Mišić will participate.

“Beach Abacija, water park ‘Aquana’, pool Fortuna, park ‘Mladen Stojanović’ and Kastel fortress are places where all citizens this summer, and those who visit Banja Luka, could enjoy in free Internet access until the beginning of October’’, announced the Tourist Organization of Banja Luka.

(Source: ekapija.com)

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