Rich Cultural and Sports Program at Manifestation “Summer on Vrbas” from 11-21 July

VrbasThe tourist-sport and cultural-entertainment manifestation “Summer on Vrbas 2013”, which is celebrating its 60 years of existence and under the organization of the Tourist Organization of the city of Banja Luka begins on 11 July with the first Eco-Festival entitled “Days of Vrbas”. It will be held on the bank of the river Vrbas near the motel “Orthodox”, announced on the website of the city tourist organization.

The Eko-Festival, whose organizer is the Association of Citizens “Green Vrbas”, and coorganizer TOBL, is providing an ecological touch this year to the traditional event “Summer on Vrbas”, which this year is also replete with rich cultural and sports events.

The Banja Luka attraction, diving from the city bridge, will be held on Saturday, 13 July at 16:00, while from 17:00-18:00, the final part of the dives, spectators could follow it on a live broadcast on BHTV 1.

On Monday, 15 July at 20:00 in the Music Pavilion of the city park Petar Kočić, there will be an open exhibition of photographs on the topic 60 years of “Summer on Vrbas’’.

(Soruce: ekapija.com)

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