Reveal Tax Evasion and Work on Economic Recovery of BiH

-Chairman of the Governing Board of the BIH Indirect Taxation Authority (UIO) Nikola Špirić confirmed today that this institution is trying in all ways to reduce tax evasion, and in this way increase revenue in the budget.

Pointing out that the problems in BiH could not be solved only by the UIO, he recalled that there must be economic recovery in order to have revenue.

“We are now in a period when these revenues are growing and I hope that this year we will at least end up at the same level as last year, because there was a sharp rise VAT refund’’, said Špirić.

The Director of UIO BIH Miro Džakula expects an increase in gross income this month and regrets that the public perception was focused on net income that has been in decline since the VAT refund.

“We are the only institutions in the region that has an increase in revenue. When we measure the ration to revenue and number of employees, we would be the best institution in the region’’, said Džakula.

However, he emphasized that there is room for improvement, and recalled that the action “Meso” began, and the entire process is controlled, from importing frozen meat to the sale and export of leather, so that every penny that belongs to the state is paid.

He expects the support of the entity Ministry of Agriculture, but also to be brought into account when it comes to the quota, and who is given incentives.

Džakula argues that textile imports in BiH ‘became serious’ and that controls in this area would continue.

When it comes to the distribution of coefficients, Chairman of the UIO Nikola Špirić noted that BiH, based on the letter of intent with the International Monetary Fund, is obliged to permanently adopt those coefficients. Otherwise, there could be consequences.

He pointed out that ‘no one can deceive anyone else’, and that, since it was previously reversed, now there is a slight increase in revenues in the FBIH, and a decline in the RS, but he said that a political dimension should not be given to this.

It is expected that the review reports show the actual situation, because there is an illogical revenue decline in the RS.

(Source: Fena)

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