Returnee Families got Apartments in a new Building in Hrasnica

Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, Semiha Borovac, and Minister for Displaced Persons and Refugees of the FBiH, Edin Ramic, handed over keys for the newly built residential building in Hrasnica, in the Municipality of Ilidza, to 18 displaced families.

This is a State Housing Project (DPSZ) within the Regional Housing Program (RSP), which is funded by international donors and led by the EU, and it is realized by the relevant ministries in BiH.

Minister Semiha Borovac stated that the completion of this residential building in Ilidza represents an important step towards resolving the issue of housing of displaced persons in BiH.

“I am very happy to be able to share the joy with 18 families in Ilidza who are receiving permanently solution to their housing problems after more than two decades of displaced life, thanks to the Regional Housing Program. To see the joy on the faces of people who are moving into the new building as well as the satisfaction of all of us who are taking part in the realization of the Regional Housing Program, is the best motive for us to continue working,” said Minister Borovac, and noted that the value of the program for the whole region amounts to 1.2 billion BAM, out of which 200 million BAM were allocated for BiH.

This program also has a humanitarian note. This is showed by the fact that a total of 1,000 families, who have been without roof over their heads for years, received a permanent housing solution.

Minister Ramic noted that the Regional Housing Program is one of the most important housing programs that are realized by the Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees of the FBiH.

“We managed to build houses and apartments for displaced persons through the Regional Housing Program in Tuzla, Bosanski Petrovac, Foca and Pale -Praca thanks to the support of the international community and the partnership relations between all levels of the government in BiH. Construction works are currently taking place in Zenica, Olovo, Jajce, Gorazde, Kakanj and one more building in Tuzla. Housing issues for 159 families will be resolved after the works are completed,” concluded Minister Ramic.

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