Restrictive Measures for the unvaccinated in Sarajevo: Sanctioning the irresponsible or attacking Human Rights

Consideration of the introduction of restrictive measures for unvaccinated persons in the Canton Sarajevo (CS), the possibility which was announced on Thursday by Prime Minister Edin Forto, has aroused great public interest.

While some support this proposal, believing that it is necessary to introduce this practice in order to avoid the scenario from the third wave of the pandemic, when the newly infected were measured in thousands and hospital capacities were filled, others are categorically against, justifying it by human rights violations, discrimination, and a blow to democracy.

An efficient mechanism

But, what is important to note is the fact that this practice has long been introduced in a large number of European countries. Thus, for example, the so-called “3G rule” has long been in force in Austria, meaning that most facilities cannot be entered without confirmation of receiving one or both doses of vaccine, a negative PCR test, or confirmation that person had coronavirus- in the last six months.

The same rules apply in France, where restrictive measures are also in force, so one in three certificates is required for entry tocinemas, restaurants, pools, and many other public places. Also, proof that you are not contagious will be required on almost all international travel.

This example is slowly being followed by other European countries, all with the aim of encouraging vaccination, which has proven to be the only effective mechanism in the fight against the pandemic.

Johann Sattler, the head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), said yesterday that restrictive measures for unvaccinated people are normal everywhere in Europe because it is an act of protection of society.

“For a while, if you want to visit stadiums, cafes, and other facilities, you can’t do it without proper confirmation in the EU,” Sattler told.

Health Minister of CS, Haris Vranic warned that the government “will have no sympathy for those who resist”.

When it comes to our region, the rules were much milder until recently, but according to the latest announcements, primarily from Croatia and Slovenia, which have already immunized more than 50 percent of the adult population, there will be some restrictions for those who refuse to be immunized.

Restrictions, primarily for the unvaccinated, can be expected in the next weeks, ie as the summer tourist season is coming to an end. On the other hand, a much more liberal path is expected for individuals who have been immunized or have recovered from the coronavirus. For all those who do not have any of these confirmations, they will have to do a PCR or antigen test every now and then, Klix.ba writes.


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