Restoration of Vijećnica in Final Phase

SKIDAJU SE UNUTARNJE SKELE, VIJEÆNICA PONOVO U RASKOŠNOSTI SVOJE UNIKATNOSTIThe internal construction on the restoration of the gem of the architectural and cultural heritage of the Vijećnica is in the final phase, and is being realized despite the winter conditions and low temperatures, showing once again the luxuriance of the uniqueness of  this national monument’’, said to Fena the main architect of the restoration project Muhamed Hamidović.

The final phase is the laying of the parquet in the entire building, which has already been done on more than 3.000 square meters, while already 98 percent of the painting of the walls and ceilings is finished. Each decoration was done by hand.

SKIDAJU SE UNUTARNJE SKELE, VIJEÆNICA PONOVO U RASKOŠNOSTI SVOJE UNIKATNOSTI‘’The restoration of the stairs at the main entrance is being prepared, while the other two staircases from stone are completed. We overcame the problem of the central stone staircase, finding a white stone in a quarry in Macedonia that is closest to the original’’, explained Hamidović.

The scaffolding from the central hall is already being removed, and the works on installation of other elements is underway-panels and stained-glass windows above the main cornice, or under the dome in the central hall. The head of the construction that deals with painting the walls is Maja Jerkić, who said that the painting of the walls and dome of the central lobby is finished, apart from the ground floor where the walls are half-finished, and the rest will be finished by spring.

‘’The interior porch and vestibule are finished. The painting of the auditorium is currently being done. Until now, the painting and restoration has been without problems and on time’’, she said.

Professional colors for restoration were used, because these colors are resistant to weather and time and thus last longer.

SKIDAJU SE UNUTARNJE SKELE, VIJEÆNICA PONOVO U RASKOŠNOSTI SVOJE UNIKATNOSTIThe reconstruction of Vijećnica is one of the biggest and most complex restoration projects of the famous cultural heritage in B&H after the war. Preparations for the commencement of works lasted for a long time, and it was necessary to find as many photos and documents that testified to the original layout of each part of the building. It is expected that the entire reconstruction of Vijećnica will be completed by April 2014.

(Source: Fena)

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