Restoration of the ”Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic” Bridge to be continued in April

visegrad bridgeThe continuation of works on reconstruction and revitalization of the Mehmed Pasa Sokolovi Bridge on Drina in Visegrad is planned for April 1st, it was announced by Huseyin Şanlı, the director of Turkish Development Agency TIKA for B&H, after the meeting with the contractor, Turkish company Er-Bru, supervisory authority from Turkey Highways, and relevant institutions from B&H and RS, at the official premises of the Visegrad Municipality Mayor, Slavisa Miskovic.

In addition, Şanlı announced the elimination of the found deficiencies and works on the exterior around the bridge.

The representative of UNESCO for B&H, Sinisa Sesum, expressed satisfaction with the continuation of operations, announcing greater participation of their experts in order to reach a high quality restoration of this exceptionally significant cultural property, which has been on the UNESCO’s List of World Cultural Heritage since 2007.

He expressed the expectation that the bridge restoration will be finished by autumn, when a ceremony marking 70 years since the founding of UNESCO is to be held in Visegrad.

Expressing satisfaction with continuation of the final works on the bridge in Visegrad, Mayor Slavisa Miskovic said that, along with the works, there is a forthcoming expert discussion on the conceptual design of the landscape around the bridge.

‘It would be our pleasure to have works done by September, to celebrate both the competition of works and the 70th anniversary of UNESCO, which would be a sort of recognition of our city in its efforts to even more strongly intensify the development of tourism by valorization of the cultural and historical heritage’, said Miskovic after the meeting.

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