Residents of Several Cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina advised not to spend Time Outdoors


The air quality index in several cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was high at 8am on Sunday morning and is into category of unhealthy.

In Sarajevo, the index is 145, and PM10 particles are 60, and it is recommended for vulnerable groups of pregnant women, children and the elderly to reduce their stay outside.

In Tuzla and Zenica, the air quality index is 165 and 158, respectively, and it is recommended for persons to avoid being outdoors.

In unhealthy air, such as in Tuzla this morning, increased symptoms and intensity of illness may occur to people with heart and respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

Everyone else might start to feel the negative impact of pollution on health. Pulmonary and cardiac patients, pregnant women, children and the elderly should reduce external physical activity.

Extended or higher stresses during the stay outside should be avoided by everyone else, News Agency Patria reports.


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