Residents of Gorazde protest because of Construction of Concrete Wall on the Bank of Drina River


Around a hundred residents of Gorazde city spontaneously gathered on the bank of the Drina River, where they said “no” to the construction of a concrete wall on the bank of the Drina, Fena news agency reports.

Dissatisfied with the implementation of the project for the construction of the fortifications on the Drina, they said that they would not give up the request for the removal of the concrete wall on the bank below the settlement of Luka, and that they would not allow such construction in the city center.

They also announced more mass protests with the continuation of the fight until the goal is achieved and the construction of the coast fortification in a way that, they point out, will be acceptable to all.

Citizens are dissatisfied with the attitude of the city authorities as well as the outcome and conclusions of the extraordinary session of the City Council, most of which, as they pointed out, ignored their arguments about the suspension of the construction of the concrete wall.

“In addition to all our directed and written requests, the disputed wall under our settlement, apparently all of them, continues to be built and none of the competent state institutions wants to stop this illegal construction and does it advocate the removal of a building that discriminates against residents,” said the representative of the citizens of Luke settlement, Mirsad Kadric.




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