Residents of Banja Luka have been gathering Clothes, Shoes, Sleeping Bags for Migrants

In recent days, residents of Banja Luka have been gathering clothes, shoes, sleeping bags and other supplies that will be delivered by representatives of the Banja Luka Helsinki Parliamentary Assembly next week to Bihac.

The Helsinki Parliament of Banja Luka, on the occasion of the International Day of Migrants, marked on December 18th, invited citizens, NGOs, companies from to engage in the collection of aid that will be delivered to migrants in Bihac.

The action lasted until 21 o’clock Friday evening.

“During the action, we have mostly focused on organizations such as the Red Cross, Mosaic of Friendship, and the New Generation, because they are the ones that collect most of this type of humanitarian aid, some of whom have brought some wardrobe. We will have more than one van of clothes. Our other station is Prijedor where we also collect the items needed.

From its money, the organization bought mostly shoes, which are a priority because many migrants were left without adequate winter shoes. We have also called companies, shoe stores, to respond to the action if they have some footwear with mistake that migrants do not really matter in this situation, “Aleksandar Zolja from the Helsinki Parliament of Banja Luka said.

The van with clothes will depart from Banja Luka on Tuesday next week.

A total of 23,541 migrants entered the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) from Jan. 1 to Dec. 19, BiH Council of Ministers (CoM) stated at a regular session here Friday.

Out of the total number, 22,177 migrants expressed their intention for asylum, but 1,358 actually applied for asylum, the information from BiH Foreigners Office showed.

Currently, there are between 4,000 and 5,000 migrants on the territory of BiH.

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