Residents of Banja Luka enjoyed 13 Degrees Celsius in January!

While Sarajevo “woke up” in the morning with intense snowfalls and a new white thick blanket, Banja Luka was “bathed” in the sun during the morning.

Even 13 degrees Celsius were measured on Monday at noon in the town, many residents of Banja Luka used to spend free time in the city walk and stay in the parks.

Great thirteen degrees Celsius, warm weather for this time of year and the nonworking day are an ideal combination for free time to be spent outdoors.

However, the temperature in Banja Luka, will drop by 10 degrees and according to forecasts, the temperature tomorrow will range from -7 to -1 degrees Celsius, Klix.ba news portal reports.

(Photo: RASSrbija)

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