Researchers from Tuzla want to Return the Mortal Remains of the Dragon of Bosnia to BiH

A group of four researchers from the Association “Dragon’s Heart” from Tuzla will go to Turkey soon, where they will try to find mortal remains of Husein-Captain Gradascevic, the last captain from Gradacac who led the Movement for the Autonomy of BiH from the Ottoman Empire back in 1831, and who is also known as the Dragon of Bosnia.

According to available information, Husein-Captain Gradascevic was most probably buried in the backyard of the Eyup Mosque in Istanbul.

At the moment, there are ten found graves, and Gradascevic’s mortal remains should be in one of them.

“A huge amount of work is behind us, considering the fact that it is very difficult to get all the information regarding Captain Gradascevic. Final preparations are being conducted, and we should depart for Istanbul in the period between March 15 and 20,” said the representative of the Association “Dragon’s Heart” Omer Isovic.

Representatives of “Dragon’s Heart” will be hosted by a team of researchers in Istanbul who are already actively working on finding a grave with the remains of the Dragon of BiH.

However, the story about the last captain of Gradacac does not end there.

This and the next year will be dedicated to the character and work of Captain Gradascevic.

Namely, 30 episodes of historical soap opera should be recorded next year, and they will also be devoted to this great man.

“This soap opera demands specific working conditions. We will start with the construction of a film studio in Tuzla in September, which we do not have in BiH, and we have a great need for it,” stated Isovic.

This soap opera will be filmed in the territory of Tuzla, Gradacac, Travnik and Sarajevo, and after its recording is completed, a documentary film is planned as well, as Isovic stated at the end.

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