Republika Srpska donates 1,000 Doses of Vaccine to Mostar Hospital

The chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik, announced today that the Republika Srpska will donate another 1,000 vaccines to “Sputnik Ve” to Mostar.

“Earlier, we sent 500 vaccines from Sputnik from Republika Srpska. We have now agreed on another 1,000 with the desire to help the citizens of Mostar, above all, our people “, stated Dodik after the meeting with the leadership of the SNSD Mostar.

Doctor at the Mostar Health Center Sanja Durasovic thanked Dodik for his speed and love for the citizens of Mostar.

“In the past few days, 500 citizens in Mostar were vaccinated with the` Sputnik V` vaccine, which was donated to our city by the Republika Srpska. I must emphasize that the residents of Mostar were vaccinated with the mentioned vaccine, regardless of their nationality, and a part of the medical workers of the University Clinical Hospital Mostar “, said Durasovic.

She stated that additional doses of vaccines are a great help, because they are not available in Mostar at the moment. “There is great interest in this vaccine in Mostar, so we decided to request a donation of the Sputnik V vaccine again,” added Durasovic, Srna news agency reports.

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