Republika Srpska Assembly Today on Reserve Police Force

At the session of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska on April 16th, the agenda will include, inter alia, the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Police and Internal Affairs, which also implies the disproportional establishment of a reserve police composition.

The authorities of Republika Srpska, with the announcement of the establishment of the reserve police department, have once again stirred the public but also caused the reactions of the international community.

This could mean the establishment and arming of police reserves in Republika Srpska.

There are currently 5,425 police officers in the Republika Srpska, out of a total of 5,745 as planned by systematization.

If the law would pass, this would mean more than 1,100 new armed men in reserve uniforms, with almost the same rights and powers as the regular police by engagement.

The government would give the reservists a salary of 80 percent of the average salary in RS.

The full control over the reserve composition of the police, in this case, would be in arms of Dragan Lukac, the RS Minister of Interior.

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