Representatives of BiH Court participated on the Roundtable Session

During the roundtable, participants were presented with the respective histories, competences and organizations of the two institutions, as well as the achieved results, and how citizens can communicate effectively with judicial institutions.

Representatives of the non-governmental sector, associations of victims of war crimes, the media, as well as the academic community participated in the roundtable dedicated to the approximation of judicial institutions of BiH to local communities in all parts of BiH.

The representative of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and Head of Public Relations Department, Boris Grubešić, presented the history of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH since the establishment of the institution in 2003 to the present day.

The participants in the meeting were presented with the results of the institutions, their internal organization, as well as with the possibility of communication of citizens and the non-governmental sector with these judicial institutions.

The participants in the meeting had the opportunity to pose questions to the representatives of the judicial institutions regarding the topics of interest for them and falling within the scope of operation of these judicial institutions.

The roundtable was held within the framework of the “Justice Support Network” project implemented by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in RS with the support of US Embassy to BiH.

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