Representative Offices of the RS spent 4.4 million BAM in 2017?

Representative Offices of the RS spent 4.4 million BAM last year, and the Government of the smaller BH entity will allocate even larger amount of money for the work of these representative offices this year, and that amount will be about 4.5 million BAM.

The Government of the RS submitted the report on the activities of eight representative offices in Serbia, Russia, the USA, Germany, Greece, Israel, Austria and Belgium, to the National Assembly of the RS.

According to this report, which is available within the material for the 23rd Regular Session, the representative offices of the RS have been working on the promotion of sectors of culture and tourism of the RS, they contacted the diaspora, and in the part that refers to economic cooperation, some of them noted foreign companies that helped companies from the RS to make some contacts abroad.

The largest attention will be paid to the work of the representative office in the US, and the most important activities conducted in 2017, according to the head of this service Obrad Kesic, are the strengthening of institutional co-operation through the organization of several visits by senior officials, representatives of institutions and organizations from the RS to the US.

When it comes to plans for the year of 2018, the Government of the RS, led by Zeljka Cvijanovic, planned the largest amount of money for a representative office in Russia (850,000 BAM), while a total of 700,000 BAM will be allocated for the representative office in Serbia’s, and 650.000 BAM will be allocated for the work of the representative office in the USA.

According to plans, the money will be paid on a monthly basis, in the amount of one twelve of planned annual amount.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)





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