Renovation of Banski Dvor in Banja Luka to start soon

Renovation of the public cultural institution Banski dvor in Banja Luka already started and the first phase of works includes renovation of the roof, facades and joineryof this building, and a special attention will be paid to preserving authentic look since the building is also a cultural monument.

The value of works amounts to around 514,000 BAM, and the deadline for completion of works for the company “Koto” from Belgrade is three months.

“Besides works that have already started, the revision of the project is being done for the second phase of renovation, which will include exterior design and ambient lighting. We expect for the revision to be completed by the end of April. After the revision, we will be able to choose the contractor for the next phase of the project,” said the Mayor of Banja Luka, Igor Radojicic.

After the first phase of renovation works, they should start with interior design in order for the cultural workers and citizens to have a multifunctional center for different kinds of cultural activities.

Banski dvor has meeting rooms, reception halls and the city hall. The great hall, the city hall and the Blue Salon of Banski dvor used to be the most luxurious interiors in Banja Luka, and in those premises are held different exhibitions of educational, cultural and promotional character.

(Source: akta.ba)



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