Renovated domestic Bingo Center opened in Mostar

October 14, 2017 10:00 AM

Tatjana Paunoski, a spokeswoman for Bingo company, stated at the opening that a beautiful object was opened on the total of 11,660 square meters only five months after the fire.

“Hundreds of those who worked here before will continue to work with us and this is a different and much better object because we complied standards of our object with the Bingo City Center. A hypermarket on a 9 000 square-meters offers a rich assortment of more than 50 000 items, and there are also discounts that we will have again,” said Paunoski.

Paunoski thanked all the domestic companies who have been with Bingo in the last five months, while more than 50 companies and 7 000 workers were engaged in the reconstruction of the center.

“This is very special for Mostar because there will be 200 workers here, when everything is ready. This is very important to us because I cannot mention that fateful April 22 and how difficult it felt to all of the citizens of Mostar, and today we are celebrating the beginning of work of a beautiful new object,” said Komadina.

Edin Music, the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the FBiH said that Bingo is the symbol of our country in the sector of trade and production and he congratulated on all the work done in the process of reconstruction of the object.

“We are proud of everything that was done and this represents a great hope for all of us. We are hoping that Bingo, as announced, will build a number of objects here as the place of meetings and conversations,” said Music.

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