Relay on Hum illuminated on the Occasion of the Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina


On the occasion of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Statehood Day, the lighting of the relay station on Hum officially started on Monday.

The lighting was jointly lit by the Minister of Municipal Economy and Infrastructure of Canton Sarajevo Srdjan Mandic, and the Minister of Finance, Amel Kovacevic, who was greeted by the applause of the officials and citizens present.

It is a project for lighting of significant facilities in Canton Sarajevo, funded by the Ministry of Municipal Economy and Infrastructure of CS.

The author of the project of illuminating a building damaged during the aggression on BiH, and representing a symbol of resistance, is one of the leading experts in this field, architect and light designer Srdja Hrisafovic.

“We have decided, as part of our country’s National Day celebrations, to illuminate this object and thus send a strong message of anti-fascism and fellowship. The Hum relay is a symbol of resistance. and for the illumination of other important cultural and historical objects in Canton Sarajevo, “said Minister Srdjan Mandic.

(Photo: klix)



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