Regional Conference on the Fight Against Corruption Began

REGIONALNA KONFERENCIJA O BORBI PROTIV KORUPCIJEAn overview of activities in the fight against corruption according to the process of EU accession is the topic of the regional conference that has gathered today in Sarajevo more than 100 participants-representatives of governmental and non-governmental sector of the SEE countries and international organizations.

The regional conference in Sarajevo is being held on the occasion of the International day of the fight against corruption and marking the 10th year of the adoption of the UN convention on the fight against corruption. This conference is organized by the Ministry of Security of B&H and the UN Department for Drugs and Crime (UNDOC) in cooperation with UNDP and European Commission.

Participants of this conference consider as a priority activities related to to the fight against corruption, including identification and implementation of strategies and measures in this area, along with the identification of key elements of this process-exchange of information and experiences in combating corruption as a form of crime that threatens countries in transition.

(Source: Fena)

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