Reggio Film Festival: Films by Ado Hasanović Shown

BlueVikingFilms by young B&H Director Ado Hasanović “Anđeo Srebenice”, “Plavi Viking u Sarajevu” and “Mama” were shown at the Reggio Film Festival, which is being held for the 12th time in Italy.

Hasanović’s works were shown as part of the two-day festival that was dedicated to B&H. The film festival opened with the film ‘Quindi passava il tempo’ by directors Allessandro Scillitanija and Valentine Barbieri, which speaks of the youth in B&H. After the films were shown, there was a discussion in which B&H representatives Nela Lućić, a B&H actor who lives and works in Rome, Ivana Pekušić in front of the project Sarajevo City of Film and Ado Hasanović participated.

‘’I am very happy to be participating at the Reggio Film Festival because I had the chance to be a guest at other festivals and to show my films. Italians are very interested to hear something about B&H. I am happy that the festival was a success and that a lot of people showed up for the screenings’’, said Hasanović to

The film ‘Blue Viking’ by Hasanović was also shown recently at the Balkan Beyond Borders Film Festival in Bucharest in Romania. The film won awards at festivals in Amsterdam and Banja Luka as the best documentary film.


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