Refused to continue Studies at the University in Madrid and came back to help Mostar!

Irma BaralijaYoung Irma Baralija refused to continue her studies at the Faculty of Political Science of the prestigious University Compultense in Madrid in Spain and came back to Mostar in order to help her fellow citizens.

In 2011, Irma’s master thesis was elected as one of the two best works in that academic year at this renowned faculty, after which she got an opportunity for extension of the scholarship for three years in order to work on her PhD thesis. But, she  refused it  without thinking.

“Even now, after four hard years in Mostar, I consider that it was a right decision because I still believe that my social and political engagement in Mostar could be more valuable than any PhD thesis“, said Irma.

Irma now teaches at the United World College in Mostar (UWC) and is happy with her students. After her duties at the College, she is more than socially active in Mostar.

Despite everything, she sincerely believes that Mostar could do better. Because of that, as she said, returned from Madrid which is, if not for anyone else, for her is surely much preferable than the world capitals.

“We have to understand that observing problems and waiting them to solve by themselves or to disappear overnight – obviously not functioning. If nothing happened in Mostar for three years, surely it won’t happen for four or more years”.

(Source: nap.ba)

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