He refused Arsenal and Tottenham: Bosnian entered the History of UEFA

ejdin-djonlicFor Ejdin Djonlic one part of his career, the most important one, is already finished, although he is only 21 years’ old, writes Telegraph.
This young man has recently entered the history of UEFA, because he managed something that no one else did: he became the youngest holder of coaching “A” licenses and thus joined, at least in the theoretical knowledge of the matter, the greatest coaching minds of today.
Djonlic is originally from BiH, but he grew up in Norway. At the age of 19, he became the youngest coach with UEFA “B” license in that country, but he has now gone one step further: he became the proud owner of “A” license, which opens the door of the most eminent European clubs. Of course, this is only the beginning of his path. He has to further improve and wait for the right offer.
Djonlic interested the English media with his extraordinary result, and explained where from came the idea that even in their early teens, when all his peers were dreaming about becoming football players, he decided for coaching career.
“I started to get interested in coaching job very early because  I realized that I like to play football when I was little, but football is not everything in life,” said this mature and ambitious young man.
“I realized that I wanted to do something else, and thus, after talking with my father, I decided to be a coach. I read about Jose Mourinho and other coaches who started to deal with this job very early, and I said to myself then: “You know what, you’re going to do it before them.”bosanac-uefa
Ejdin received the “A” license earlier this year, and continued with the education where he gained the most knowledge about football, the University of Southampton. The fact that knowledge and education are in the first place for him says the fact that he rejected two offers from London, from Arsenal and Tottenham, because of his studies.
“I watch football every weekend, and on my way home, I analyze them on my tablet. I am doing this only for myself, not for someone else, because I also want to learn and further upgrade my skills. I’m proud of everything I have achieved so far, but now I just want to continue to learn and try to be the best.
“My dream is to work in England and lead a Premier League club one day. I do not want to sound arrogant, but I do believe that I will succeed one day.”

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