From a Refugee to a Prestige University in the USA

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be displayed on the University of Washington in St. Louis. Meris Saric and his family survived genocide and refugee camps in Croatia where he was born.

They came to the US back in 1999. Meris’s father Zuhdija was able to get a job as a janitor on the same university where, today, his son is a freshman who brought his belongings to the dormitory while wearing the shirt of the university.

Thus, Zuhdija and his wife Mele realized their American dream by enrolling their son to this prestige university.

“My son,” said his proud father to journalists of St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and emphasized that they are living one of those movies where family starts from nothing and becomes successful.

Meris emphasized that he is the first one from this family that goes to college, one of the very few who enrolled at this university and have previously graduated from public high school. Before that, he had to take a strict exam in order to get his scholarship. Studying at this university is unavailable for many.

“Some people are thinking that my parents are extremely rich since they can afford to pay 70.000 USD for the tuition and accommodation. They would not be able to pay the semester even if they put every penny aside,” said Meris Saric.

Nonetheless, family Saric has not forgotten their roots. Father Zuhidin took some days off in order to help his son to move into the dormitory. Among things that he brought with him is the obligatory flag of BiH. Meris will graduate from political sciences and he is planning to continue with the studies and to become a lawyer.

“Meris is a great example of how you can succeed. He had great self-confidence and he knew that his place was here,” noted Leah Marrifield, the director of the program.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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