Referendum in the RS to be held tomorrow

referendum-1-900x450Referendum in Republika Srpska on January 9 as the Day of that BiH entity is scheduled for tomorrow.

The Constitutional Court of BiH has decided that January 9 as the Day of RS is unconstitutional already in November last year and the decision was confirmed on September 17, when the Court pronounced a temporary restrictive measure for the referendum in the Republika Srpska.

However, despite the decision, Serb officials in RS continued implementing activities on preparation of the referendum, claiming that it is in the function of the implementaiton of the Constitutional Court’s decision.

Collegium of the National Assembly of RS requested fro the Government of the RS to forward to the assembly procedure the draft law on amendments to the Law on Holidays in the RS, with the aim of implementing the decision by the Constitutional Court of BiH.

According to earlier announcements, amendments to the law would refer to abolition of the obligatory character of celebrating January 9 as the Day of RS for Bosniak population in that BiH entity.

Bosniak officials are against the referendum because they claim it is anti-Dayton and unconstitutional.

Other institutions that oppose the referendum are the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council, Office of High Representative in BiH, Embassy of the United States of America, European Union, and the neighboring countries Croatia and Serbia.

High Representative in BiH Valentin Inzko reiterated that no one disputes the RS’s right to celebrate its day, but that the decision by the Constitutional Court of BiH from November 2015 must be implemented, while the referendum is entirely unacceptable and has no constitutional or legal force.

That, however, did not hinder authorities in the RS in their intention to implement the referendum on the question: Do you support celebration of January 9 as the Day of RS?

Commission for implementation of the referendum on the Day of RS determined that 1.219.399 citizens can vote on the referendum tomorrow.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of RS stated that measures of security have been increased in that BiH entity.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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