Referees at the World Cup in Russia to wear Football Boots from BiH

The company Sanino from Derventa produced 351 pairs of football boots for the world giant Adidas, which referees will be wearing at the World Cup in Russia. This was confirmed by the Director of Sanino, Radovan Pazurevic.

“Our company has been cooperating with Adidas for almost 20 years. We are one of the very few companies in Europe that is working on something for such a large global company. Since we are making football boots, as the upper part, Adidas decided to request 333 pairs from us in Derventa, and later they made some additional requests as well. Therefore, a total of 351 pairs of football boots for the world championship in Russia. These football boots will be worn by referees,” said Pazurevic.

When it comes to the results of the company, he stated that they were very good last year, that is, the value of exports in 2017 amounted to almost 20 million BAM. A similar result is expected again this year. This company has around 900 workers, and the most prominent company they are working with is Adidas.

“Besides Adidas, there is also Meindl company, which is also very strong when it comes to the production of special footwear for the army, as well as for mountaineering conditions. Company Haix has similar program, and it is engaged in the production of some type of protective footwear that is intended for firefighters and other specific conditions. There is also the company Legero from Austria,” noted Pazurevic.

Adidas is always a strong name, but the other companies are not lagging far behind when it comes to taking part in the creation of new values, i.e. participation in the value of exports.

“We are successfully cooperating with all of these companies and I believe that they are satisfied with our work because we do not have any major problems when it comes to production,” concluded Pazurevic.





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