Reeker: This is a Good Opportunity to see if There is Progress in B&H

reekerDeputy Assistant Secretary of State Philip Reeker  in the context of his visit to B&H, met today in Sarajevo with the President of the Democratic Action Party (SDA), Sulejman Tihić.

Reeker, on a statement for reporters after the meeting, expressed the satisfaction with his visit to B&H and highlighted that this visit is a good opportunity to see whether B&H has made progress in this regard and he expressed the U.S. support.

“This is a good opportunity to see how the situation is, whether it is progressing, or if it exists the effort of B&H leaders to achieve some progress. We at the international community, we from Washington, we are here to support them if there are efforts”, said Reeker.

He pointed out that he has just returned from Brussels and in the framework of his stay in Europe, after Sarajevo, is planning to visit Ljubljana.

SDA President Sulejman Tihić said that today’s visit can be called “pressure or incentive to do more when it comes to the implementation of the case SejdićFinci and military properties

Tihić pointed out for reporters that with Reeker he spoke about the meeting with the president of HDZ B&H Dragan Čović.

“It is a meeting that is scheduled for the 16th September, and we’ will try to get to the solution proposals SejdićFinci”,  military properties, regulation of the City of Mostar, relations of so called mixed Canton (SBK, HNK), the question of Brčko District and regulation of Federation.

He believes that these talks are very important and we have to look for solutions, and from the other side they will boost other political subjects to move in the same direction said Tihić.

(Source: Fena)


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