Red Cross provides a record Number of Meals to Migrants in Bihac

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)has distributed 900 meals to migrants on Saturday in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) city of Bihac, some 310 kilometers northwest of the capital Sarajevo.

The Red Cross team who is working on preparation of meals has more and more work every day, the official website stated, adding that a number of migrants and meals is constantly increasing.

They also noted that the medical team had eleven interventions on Saturday, offering medical assistance mainly to children with mothers.

Every day, volunteers work on migrants’ registration, sorting of clothes and shoes and distribution of blankets which migrants need in order to have a normal life.

Since the beginning of this year, BiH is faced with a large inflow of migrants fleeing from their homelands and trying to find salvation in the developed countries of Europe, Red Cross pointed out. “Taking this into consideration, we appeal to everyone to ensure the dignity, security and respect of the human rights of people who are in search for a better life. We appeal to the protection of all people, regardless of their citizenship or immigration status and respect for the principles of International Humanitarian Law,”Red Cross official website said.

BiH Council of Ministers has decided on June 11, to approve 75,000 KM (44,652 U.S. dollars) for help to the Red Cross in order to secure the migrants’ needs.

According to Una Sana Internal Ministry, until June 1, 2018, 2,066 migrants reside in this canton, out of which 1,404 is located in Bihac in several dormitories provided by BiH ministry, while others are situated in private accommodations.

BiH Security Minister Dragan Mektic said on Wednesday, June 21, that a total of 6,513 illegal migrants have entered BiH since the beginning of this year, out of which 4,000 have already left.

Sarajevo Times

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