Red Bull Cliff Diving: The best Jumps from the Old Bridge

British Gary Hunt and Mexican Adriana Jimenez are winners of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championship that took place in Mostar last weekend. However, none of the Hunt ‘s jumps was among the top three rated jumps in the men category.

Gary Hunt had three reasons for celebration at the fourth World Championship that was held on September 7 and 8: he recorded the third tied victory this season, came to the forefront of the overall order and became the first jumper who won at the Old Bridge twice.

However, it is interesting that none of his jumps were among the top three in the competition in Mostar, and the same happened with the second-placed jumper Michal Navratil from the Czech Republic.

Instead of them, the top three rated jumpers were the Mexican Jonathan Paredes and American Steven LoBue (fourth and fifth place), while among women it was Canadian Lysanne Richard (fourth place).

The reason is simple, jumpers perform four sets of jumps, and judges’ grades are multiplied by the weight coefficient of the jump. So, just one excellent jump cannot bring a victory – consistency is the most important. Also, complex jumps such as, for example, Hunt’s jump, have a high weight coefficient and they bring a greater number of points.

The championship will finish at the Polignano a Mare (Italy) on September 23, where the jumpers will fight for the title. The fight should be tied since the state at the top of the table in both competitions has never been more equal.

Take a look at the three best-rated jumps from the Old Bridge in the men and women category in the video.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)


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