ITA records Record Revenues from Indirect Taxes in BiH

Revenues from indirect taxes in the eight months of 2021 amounted to 5 billion and 363 million BAM and are higher by 660 million BAM or 14.04 percent compared to the same period in 2020 when they amounted to 4 billion and 703 million BAM.

In August 2021 alone, 768 million of indirect taxes were collected, which is 186 million more than in August 2020.

After the Indirect Taxation Authority refunded VAT to entrepreneurs in the amount of 958 million BAM, the net collected revenues that were distributed to users for the period January – August 2021, namely the state, entities and the Brcko District, amounted to 4 billion and 405 million BAM and are higher by 543 million BAM in relation to the revenues that users received from the Single Account in the same period in 2020.

The amount of 515 million BAM has been allocated for the financing of state institutions for the period January-August 2021.

The Federation of BiH has been allocated 2 billion and 428 million, the Republika Srpska one billion and 321 million, and the Brcko District 134 million BAM.

The external debt of the Federation of BiH, from 288 million BAM in 2020, increased to 318 million BAM in 2021, which is an increase of 10.34 percent. When it comes to Republika Srpska, the external debt last year was 145 million, and this year it is 149 million, which is an increase of 3.30 percent. The external debt of the Brcko District has been reduced from six million in 2020 to 5 million this year.

Based on the special toll for the construction of highways and the construction and reconstruction of other roads, the Federation of BiH received 136 million, the Republika Srpska 89.9 million and the Brcko District 4.6 million. The difference represents a reserve on a special toll account in the amount of 0.25 BAM.

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