Record Number of Visitors at Vrelo Bosne Touristic Site

The area of Vrelo Bosne, recorded significantly more visits in July and August 2018, and namely, there were 95,000 visitors who paid tickets, an Expert Advisor for Promotion and Marketing of Public Institutions and Protected Natural Areas of Canton Sarajevo Mustafa Zvizdic said for Fena.

To be more precise, greater attendance was recorded in August, 51,446 and in July, 46,295 tourists visited Vrelo Bosne.

When it comes to visitors’ country of origin, Zvizdic said that foreign and domestic tourists are equally represented.

“Besides visitors from BiH, there were visitors from the Arab countries from the region, Europe, and this area is always gladly visited by BiH diaspora,” Zvizdic said.

He stressed that every year, there is greater interest in this area, which with its beauty and sophisticated infrastructure represents a place for an ideal vacation and relaxation.

Vrelo Bosne is a favorite resort for residents of Sarajevo, but also for domestic and foreign tourists. With the summer season, the number of visitors has significantly increased.

Vrelo Bosne, in the municipality of Ilidža, is one of the country’s popular natural landmarks and provides a quiet escape from an otherwise busy city life. A Roman Bridge is located not far from Vrelo Bosne on the Bosna river in the Ilidža municipality, which was built sometime between 1530 and 1550 from the original Roman stones and ruins of the bridge that stood there during the Roman period used to connect the Romans with the village of Aquae Sulphurae at the time. Ilidža is also known to have been an archaeological site dating 2400–2000BC



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