Record Number of Candidates from BiH in Elections in Denmark

Elections for regional and communal bodies of local and regional government will be held in Denmark on November 16.

This time, a record number of people from our country applied, ie those who consider BiH as their homeland.

Although Denmark is a monarchy according to the constitutional order, the role of the Danish monarch is of a ceremonial character. All legislative power is concentrated in the Danish state parliament, while the Danish government, regions and communes implement and routine legislative decisions from the state parliament.

Danish regions have responsibility for the currently very current health field, regional development, cross-border issues, climate and environmental areas, as well as for the cooperation of Danish high schools and cultural projects at the regional level. Danish communes make decisions concerning education, urban development and culture, social issues, care for the elderly, the work of associations.

Bh. citizens with permanent residence in this Scandinavian country for years both as voters and as candidates participate in these elections with extremely high democratic standards and elect their local and regional political representatives for an election period of four years. The characteristic of this year’s elections is that this time a record high number of people from Bosnia and Herzegovina or who consider BiH as their homeland will run as political candidates, writes BH Glas, the BiH information portal. citizens in Denmark, Klix.ba writes.

Photo: BH Glas

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