Record Number of Guests visited the complex of lakes in Tuzla

Two hundred thousand guests visited the complex of “salty lakes” Panonika in Tuzla since the beginning of the season, Maid Porobic, the director of JP “Panonika” confirmed to Fena.

Up until now, 170,000 day passes have been sold, but after taking into consideration seasonal and monthly passes, the number of visits has surely surpassed 200,000, according to Porobic.

Between 7,000 and 8,000 guests visit the lakes each day and during the weekends, the lakes are most visited. Yesterday, the pearl of Tuzla’s tourism attractions was visited by over 14,000 guests.

In the summer season, this public company employs 150 employees in organized services constantly care for the safety and health of the guests, with lifeguards and emergency care personnel always present.

Also, the Institute for Public Health of the Canton of Tuzla conducts regular controls of the water.

Since a long and hot summer is expected, Porobic expects 350,000 guests, mentioning that this work is dependent on the work conditions, that is the weather.

At the Panonika lakes, the temperature of the water today at 1 p.m. was 28 degrees, while the salinity of the water was 3g per Liter.

The season at the complex of “salt lakes” in Tuzla lasts until August 31st , but may be extended if the weather allows it.


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