Record Foreign Direct Investment in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the first Nine Months


In the first nine months of this year, according to the data of the Central Bank of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 861.1 million BAM of foreign direct investments was realized in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which has already exceeded the number of investments in the last and the previous year, which with around 800 million BAM.

In the last three years, there have been the strongest in terms of investment since the great economic crisis of 2008, and signal better days for investment in BiH.

Compared to the same period last year, the increase is about 29 percent, which, given the need to post more investments for the last three months of 2019, gives a real chance that the amount of FDI in Bosnia and Herzegovina will climb to one billion BAM.

“All efforts by Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, intensification of direct contacts with potential foreign investors, participation in a large number of investment conferences, in cooperation with the diplomatic and consular network of BiH, and a number of various promotional activities of FIPA provided indicators that in 2019 year to be the most successful for BiH in the field of foreign direct investment,” FIPA said in a statement.





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