Record Consumption of Gas recorded in BiH

BH-Gas has announced that recently increased natural gas consumption in the Federation of BiH has been registered.

In May 2019, consumers in the FBiH delivered 10,816,916 sm3 of natural gas, which makes a record delivery in the month of May in the post-war period.

At the same time, the ordered quantity of natural gas from the consumer in May amounted to 6.827.000 Sm3, which means that the natural gas consumption achieved in relation to the planned increase was about 58 percent.

The natural gas price for distribution companies from 1 May 2019 amounts to 640 BAM for 1,000 Sm3, and the consumption of KJKP Sarajevo in May 2019 was 7,471,801 Sm3, which is about 98 percent higher than planned, and thus the indicator confirms that natural gas has its place in the energetic mix of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and especially in the Canton of Sarajevo.

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