Reconstruction of the Medieval Town Sokolac near Bihac

Tvrđava i sjedište Ali Paše Rizvanbegovića u Stocu nekada suThe prehistoric hill fort, famous medieval and later Ottoman old town of Stolac, that is located at the entrance to Bihac, could soon shine in its full glory. Within the project “Sustainable Management of the Adriatic Tourism Heritage – ERA” financed by the European Union, reconstruction works are taking place on this historical object, significant for the development of tourism of Krajina, started by cutting through the path to this object.

Reconstruction of the medieval and ottoman town in the village of Sokolac is supported by the Government of the Una-Sana Canton, Coty Administration of Bihac, representatives of the Development agency and Institute for protection of cultural heritage of USC.

In the City administration of Bihac, they consider that the reconstruction of the medieval Sokolac fortress will significantly enrich the cultural offer and contribute to the development of cultural tourism.

stolac2Before the start of restoration works on the walls of medieval fortress Sokolac, access to the macadam road that leads to it has been repaired.

Villagers of Stolac who are located just under the hill fort, are satisfied that the road has been cut through, giving them access to their ground as well, and when reflectors illuminate the old city as it has been planned, villagers expect significant number of tourists in their village.




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