Reconstruction of the Government of FB&H will be completed in 15 days?

cavara2President of the FB&H Marinko Cavara is expecting that the process of reconstruction of the entity government will be fully completed in the next 15 days.

“According to the information that I have, the Alliance for Better Future (SBB) B&H should suggest names of candidates for ministers in the Government of FB&H during the next week. I do not expect any kind of problems in the procedure itself, and I believe that the whole process of filling the Government will take no longer than 15 days,” said Cavara.

He explained that after he receives the names of ministers, he will prepare and sign the decision on their appointment and with the consent of both Vice-presidents of the FB&H, he will refer decision to the House of Representatives on approval. That will be, as he says, preceded by decision on accepting the resignations of the remaining ministers from DF.

“After the process of filling the Government is completed, we will be going for more decisive and aggressive implementation of the reforms, especially those that are defined by the Reform agenda, as well as all other measures that will improve the living standard of citizens in the FB&H and ensure economic progress. We will also get a better passing rate of decisions in Parliament. I believe that the citizens of the FB&H will feel the positive results of this work very soon,” said Cavara.

Commenting on the speculations about possible additional changes of staff in the Government of FB&H, President Cavara emphasized that there are no such kind of requests from the parties for now, neither from the Prime Minister who is the formal applicant.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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