Reconstruction of Medieval Castles in Višegrad and Mojkovac

stari višegradMunicipality Višegrad in B&H and the Montenegrin municipality Mojkovac will enter into the realization of a project of the reconstruction of medieval towns of Dobrun and Brskovo.

The mayor of municipality Višegrad Slaviša Mišković recalled that the two municipalities have successfully implemented two projects of cross-border cooperation with Mojkovac and that there is a third one set to be implemented, which is concerned with archeological excavations and the partial restoration of the medieval town of Dobrun and the monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin from the 14th century.

Mišković said that the municipality already has a study of archeological tests of the old city of Dobrun that was owned by the family Pavlović, and was conducted by the renowned researcher Đorđe Janković from Belgrade.

He said that with the president of the municipality Mojkovac Bojan Medojević, he agreed that this project would compete for funds from the EU.

For this purpose, the EU has allocated 80.000 euros per municipality.

(Source: klix.ba)

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